Leo women

Leo women are born from July 23 to August 22. They are warmhearted and make excellent wives and mothers. If they overcome their tendency to despondency, there is no limit to their considerable talents.
Leo women have birthdays from July 23 to August 22. They are extremely warm hearted and sympathetic. They love their roles as wives and mothers, and often do not seek employment outside the home. When they do, they are far better suited for mental labor rather than manual labor. They seem to inspire hope to all who come in contact with them. For that reason, they are skillful nurses and members of the clergy. By nature, Leo women are very independent and resent being commanded. They have a keen sense of judgment and rise well to the challenge of leadership roles.
Leo women can adapt themselves readily to a wider range of circumstances than women of any other sign. They find it more agreeable to plan their work than to execute the details it involves. Like the lion that represents Leo, they are fond of luxury, warmth, and ease. This does not mean they’re lazy, but what they do is usually through inspiration, or when the mood strikes them. Yet when necessary they display unbound fortitude and great courage while doing what they need to do promptly and effectively.
They are secretive and great at keeping a “poker face” so others are not aware of their true thoughts. Leo women have great respect for law and authority but, because of their fire sign, must guard against being hot-headed so they do not get in trouble with the law.
Leo women cannot bear to be neglected by the men they love. “Love me or I die” could be their motto. They need to take caution against young or hasty marriages. In most instances it is advisable that they wait until they are well settled in life before marrying someone of equal social and intellectual standing. These wonderous women have the greatest love for their family. In the rearing of their children they use their great wisdom and do not rely heavily on advice from others. Mothers of this sign are gentle and tender and display great ferocity toward those who cause their children any grief.
The sign Leo rules over the heart. Their diet should be wholesome and meals should be quiet, orderly, and calm. Temperate habits and a harmonious home life are essential to the health and happiness of Leo women. When this doesn’t happen, heart problems can result. However, these women have great vitality and can soon recover from many serious ailments.
Despite their considerable talents, Leo women must guard against despondency and depression. When these appear, it is best to sum up faults and weaknesses. Self control is essential. Courage is there to look facts in the face and use self control to start anew with fresh resolves. They will never know true happiness and prosperity if they permit others to toss their emotions around without following their better judgment. The secret of success lies in their genial manner which enables them to keep in sync with those around them. When they conquer their faults, there is no limit to the wonderous things Leo women can do.
The Leo personality is known to be the performer or actor or actress of the zodiac. Leo is a fire sign and their ruling planet is the sun. Leos are usually warm, loving and generous. Their kind gestures comes from their big hearts. Leos can be very attentive to others, and usually shower others with bountiful approval and compliments.
Ruled by the sun, Leos possess a lovable, childlike playfulness and a strong need for creative self expression. Leos often have trouble with vanity and pride. They sometimes find it hard to admit that they are wrong. Leos can easily compensate for any failings by their sunny personality, sense of fun and genrosity. These friendly people are ideal partners for social events, parties and long holidays. Leos have remarkable leadership skills, which usually brings them to positions of authority. Leos take charge naturally, they may be mistaken as being bossy. However, they will work hard to fulfill their responsibilities, and they make excellent managers and leaders.
Lions are known for their courage and would much rather play a strong and protective role for others than be weak and defenseless. Leos presume that others possess a sense of integrity similar to their own, and they are careful to keep their sense of self respect in any disagreement. Leos are very aware of the impressions they make on others.
Being a fire sign, Leos are usually lively and enthusiastic but can be stubborn. Their creativity and sense of drama combine to make them great romantics. Leos love to love and be loved. You’ll know a leo when you meet one, their dynamic personalities will leave a lasting impression.



  1. flo said,

    i’ve read many articles about leo women, this by far is the most acurate one



    • margaret said,

      This IS one of the most accurate articles I’ve read on my sign.

      • Jacquelyn Thompson said,

        I needed to read this about myself. Im making a serious decision in mylife right now. If im true to my nature, I should succeed. Thanks for conform
        ation about myself.

      • zoono said,

        Because its stocking your ego?

      • Marc Resasco said,


    • Moreine said,

      Down to the ver last detail…Someone just put my whole life in a few paragraphs!

    • kimberly vassell said,

      very accurate

    • Charles Mc Folland said,

      Leo females are whores, bisexuals and make their sons homosexuals , know this they are the worst on the Zodiac after, Virgro Females and Aries Females, Scorpion Females are the Worst Whore sexual lust females of the Zodiac,
      Leo females have sex like a wild animals, They are leaders with Power and the Queen Bee of the Zodiac and they kill men quick in any planned way possible , they know how to gut a man like a fish in their deeds in life !

      • D.L said,

        Lmaoooo , thats not truee about leoss so shutup !!!

      • jaz said,

        you are sick in the head

      • Sashka said,

        Someones bitter….LOL….Cat got your tounge πŸ˜‰

      • Chalet said,

        Lmao hahaha are you upset? haha

      • Esther Tackie (@Kiss_Hearts007) said,

        who hurt u so bad tht u have to go and start acting bitchy. im a leo and a virgin. u need to go get ur stank attitude checked out before u start insulting people.

      • Rene. said,

        Sounds like you fuck up and she kik your ass out the door..Leo only put up with so much and out the door you went.LMAO.

      • LeoFemalemeow said,

        Wow! Cat got his hmmmm! Calm down and find another Leo. There are more of us. lol

      • Kayie said,

        I believe you did something very bad to your Leo woman and boy did she put it to you. I raised 2 sons and neither are homosexuals and a daughter who is not gay. I raised them alone and they grew into big men, with morals and values, I was to strong for my oldest son so he took a non-melanin copper colored woman to love and mate with.

      • Ashley said,

        Who. The. Fuck. Do u think you are like are you serious to spend all your time reading that just to come back and insult me like that. You meet an individual person not many Leos . Maybe that’s the individual but that’s not me or anyone else commenting so get you shit together and before u get your balls cut off dick.

      • Julian Weaver said,

        You are a fucking idiot who clearly gets crossed by women of all signs frequently and obviously. It would seem to me as though YOU are the WHORE of the zodiac, you seem to be the experimental one who should probably stop experimenting, because it sounds as though you have very little luck in that realm.

      • des said,

        dude you must have slept with a prostitute and now your mad you have aids or you scorned a leo woman and that is just not something you do bc we can be the best person to be around but once you fuck with us we can eat your heart on a silver platter for dinner bottom line is you fucked up when you messed with a leo woman dont be mad that she got you 10x harder than you could of ever imagined

      • Elebette said,

        He’s been dropped by a Leo woman… hard to accept…

      • markita said,

        Somebody got burned by a Leo, Virgo, & Scorpio….. Lol

      • Alvin said,

        dude u got ditched by a leo lol :v

      • ozge said,

        errrm no you better whatchh what youre saying about a leo woman. we are very caring people and we would never do anything that will give our kids etc a bad name and instead we would help them. same goes for any other woman in zodiac signs every mother will love their child equally and pamper as well as discipline them as much as possible if it comes to sex thats a different talk about the fun they may have so its not youre right to talk or type things that way.

      • Tab Henning said,

        dude, really? I’mA LEO & i take oofense to ur comment

      • varlesha said,

        Sounds like you pissed One of us off and got a loud roar lol, yo’ll b ok keep livin-_-

      • Myron said,

        Well I have the most typical of the Leo Women and if you can’t handle them they will chew you up and turn you into a house boy. Everything said about leo women in the original article is accurate on the positive side. The positives can work for you or against you. Yes they have a huge sex drive and a huge ego but that is what contributes to their being so entertaining. Most times I honestly believe my lady is an absolute angel. I mean literally. I can’t believe how beautiful inside and out that she really is until I see that pride kick in. I have never met anyone so stubborn even knowing she is wrong. She worships me but wow she expects it in return and if I fail then her voice goes loud and shrill but when it does it turns me on something terrible. The point here is that she is the most remarkable woman and if you look at the difficulties in a negative way then you’ll never get why these women were made with such an artful flair.
        Ever so often I just have to remind her of my boundaries and if I don’t she will run me over but there is nothing like loving a woman who is fun, exciting and challenging. She flirts to get what she wants and is completely faithful to me. She is arrogant as hell at times but kills herself to show me she loves me. She teases me to death and then knocks me out in bed while challenging me to keep up. She is full of drama and never lets me get bored. She tells me what to do all the time but then she asks me what can she do to make me happy.
        I really don’t get the men who want women to be easy to deal with. They ask for drama free, emotionally stable, smart but not too smart, attentive but not clingy. Christ! If you want a heterosexual relationship then you have to appreciate what that entails. Women are amazing creatures and the Leo women are especially amazing.
        Bottom line here: If you can’t handle her then you will get hurt so don’t try it unless you are not confident.

        1st wife was Leo and I was too young and naive to know how to handle it. Second wife was a Gemini and was a brat. Now I am wiser and older and am ready for the Leo experience again and loving it. Yes it’s expensive and yes it’s a lot of energy but I now have the time, money (very important) and wisdom to fully enjoy the luxury of the Leo lady. She’s like my Porsche, expensive to maintain, exciting to drive but dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

        Oh and to you Leo’s out there. Don’t get too cocky reading all of these posts. HA! Yeah, right.

      • Sequilla Rochelle said,

        wow…if your experience has made you judge ALL leo women that way,you should not date for awhile ,embrace celibacy and go heal hun,coz thats not healthy for you nor ANYONE youll meet…If all these signs of women have put negative impressions in your heart,you might need to check YOURSELF also n see what you give off and why you attract cheaters period…There are always two sides,n it takes two to make it as bad as your posting…p.s. you speak of whores quite often of many signs,WHAT does that say about you being that you your SELF have been with many people??? Word of advice, stop judging the people you are with n try something you havent tried voz clearly your way is NOT working…you sound so miserable and hateful…that alone would make anyone go else where sir…ijs…

      • paul barrier said,

        damn, and when i come to think …..that on point! damn! (shmoneydance). smh yous a fool for this one! ladies charles is playin he joking it aint true ladies yall know this doesnt pertain to anyone here atleast. Rofl!

      • Baylee said,

        Someone’s got little man syndrome Huh? Just cause you’re a fuck up and couldn’t keep your woman doesn’t make her or anyone else a whore. So go get an attitude check dick weed! You are an ass hole and a nimrod if you think disrespecting her And others is gonna get you anywhere. That was rude and disrespectful of you and for that I hope you never get another woman in your LIFE cause we are all to good for a self centered, arrogant,

      • Baylee said,

        Someone’s got little man syndrome Huh? Just cause you’re a fuck up and couldn’t keep your woman doesn’t make her or anyone else a whore. So go get an attitude check dick weed! You are an ass hole and a nimrod if you think disrespecting her And others is gonna get you anywhere. That was rude and disrespectful of you and for that I hope you never get another woman in your LIFE cause we are all to good for a self centered, arrogant, prick like you. O ps have a nice day.

      • lo said,

        You’re right!!! I will kill man given the chance because they are stupid assholes and they deserve to rot!! As for being a whore, you are wrong!! You sound like a man with a very minute penis and you are bitter. You have pent up anger due to your inability to satisfy a woman sexually. Please get some help and get a penis pump!

      • lioness said,

        Haha. I feel for him. I’m a Leo girl and I do know how to gut a man like a fish, strip off his ego and whatever he believes in, and be brutally cold and cruel about it. Of course I only do it when he does me wrong. And sometimes I feel bad for doing that, being so difficult. But well, he should know better.

      • Salome said,

        you are gay !!!

      • piyu said,

        Ur words have alrdy describe u..

      • dude et said,

        Hahahaha nice bru

      • Me said,


      • Amoree said,

        Awe sounds like some Leo hurt you really bad haha!! We do leave lasting impressions

      • bberri85 said,

        Seriously??? What a world!! Lol😳😁

      • Shae said,

        You need Jesus!

    • Danny TodoRico said,

      I met this Leo Girl she is 25 and i’m 23, i am a Libra, I didn’t want anything serious at first but as time went by we started spending more time together and i fell in love without noticing, She told me about twice that she was afraid that i felt more for her than she did for me and she wouldn’t want to hurt me but i didn’t listen and i would believe that i could make her love me and everything was great until she left on a trip to England supposely to see her fam there but she went to see her ex whom she had been engaged years before and the wedding was broken for stupid reasons, so turns out she met up with him and started drinking and left him take advantage of her so she cheated on me and then she came back and told me right away, i felt so dissappointed and i’m just so lost right now but she keeps talking to me and looking for me but she said she regrets what happened. another thing:

      she is a muslim raised in america so she has some freedom and i’m just a latino with no religion but who believes on one God, any way the point is that i don’t know what to do now cause she says our thing could never be cause of her family and that she has to marry a muslim soon cause she is too old in her culture to be single and so she gave me no hope as to being together for future but i don’t get why does she keep texting and wanting to see me? i’m sort of ignoring her at times but i still talk to her i don’t know i love her and i don’t know what to do, i’m also ery hurt because she cheated. i feel like crying but i do not have a friend’s shoulder to do so, My life is in a deep hole of shit once again. I really wanted to make this girl happy for the rest of ther days.

      If any one out there can give me an advice or wants to tell me what to do, please write me at soguapo18@aol.com i need to hear an advice and explain better but i need someone to talk to about this.

      • Raquel said,

        I am so sorry that this happened to you but the behavior this women showed you is not the behavior of all leo women. This women is very confused and seems to be in fear in making the best decision for herself and not for others. As a leo woman I do not believe in playing games with the emotions of person. My advice to you is to make her choose now and give her an ultimatum; let her know that you will not be disrepected and that you are going to take her toying with your emotions and mean it. You will know from her reactions right away if she honetly feel the same way about you but you have to pull yourself together and mean what you say if she is giving you a whatever action then move on and don’t let her back in your life. Religion is respected but love is the choice of the two individuals experiencing love. I hope that I helped you.

    • Dana Sturgeon said,

      yup. I’m a Leo. It’s pretty accurate.

    • Angela said,

      Everything has been right on target tonight…I am a 47 yo LEO. That is me to the “T” and going through every aspect our us as women…

  2. Tina said,

    This is who i am.
    Surprisingly Accurate from others read.


  3. koko0o said,

    (love me or I die) hell yeah

    • LondonDior said,

      Lmao yes when I love someone I love hard and I expect them to love me the same way in return πŸ™‚ 

      • LeoFemalemeow said,

        Problem is with our hearts is we fall in love hard and we are hurt by the other person not returning our love. Yes! What it says about a leo is right on the money.

      • cee cee said,

        Yess! Love me or I die,and to the person talking about gays Fuck Yo*,when I have Kids I Shall Raise them to be bright and Well Taught,Your just Pissed because You havant had the time in the World to talk about your HomoSexual Life,So you Decided to acuss others on it to see if you Would get help LOL,to all the Rest Yess Leo’s are the No1 great’s Zodiac Signs,we are Also can have the most biggest Smile and biggest hearts πŸ™‚

      • Crystalee Martinez said,

        Absolutely true! I am the same way…

  4. ANn said,


  5. Ifee said,

    very accurate, says a lot abt who I am. I’m a leo.

  6. ana said,

    love me or die, not so much. hiding their true behind a facade of happiness, right now so true. big softies, oh yeah! loving love yes! so lucky with love, a big no! we are sensitive. yet i am very proud of being a leo πŸ™‚

  7. cheese puff said,

    HAHAH i’m a leo this is so awesome!

  8. Stanford said,

    I know one thing Leo women are great in bed, how ever I’m be afriad of them, because the people around them in Detroit be getting them upset, and I tried not to get on their bad side. Like Anita Thomas aka Carmen Hayes I seen all her movies but look like she a little struck on herself but guest how I look at. I had this young lady and her is Mia, she kept telling me she love me and I’m a good looking man althrough I’m just about 18 years older than her, I couldn’t tell she playing me or telling me the truth.

    • Kianna said,

      @stanford: I’m a lioness(leo)She’s more than likely telling you the truth when she says she loves you, we are generally honest and instinctive people and often believe in love at first glance….which often times, scare, easily; however because we are so in touched with our psychic we know when we know….

    • Raquel said,

      If a leo woman express attraction toward you she is most likely telling you the truth. It is less likely for a leo woman to express an interest because we love the game of chase but if we really like some who is not chasing us we do not have a problem letting that person know that we have feelings or find the person attractive.

  9. Rae said,

    This is very true! 😎

  10. DeAnna said,


  11. Tailiz said,

    Stanford, you are a smart man indeed, it is in your best wishes to never cross a leo woman. I am one my self and i also have a friend of mine who is a leo herself, nobody in our group at highschool would cross either of us because they knew it was best not to make her or i angry lest they cope the rath of two leo women.

    • Sashka said,

      This is SO true ! Anyone wit any intelligence knew better then to mess with me….I am a true lion with a very genial / playful demeanor, but when the claws come out I’ll make you wish you were dead πŸ˜›

  12. Neha gautam said,

    V accurate … ma god simply cant blv it sooo “ME”…..
    They are secretive and great at keeping a β€œpoker face” so others are not aware of their true thoughts….. sooo damn true… u wnt even get to know .. how bad or gud we are feelin.. ignr the fact u bein thr for crazy crazy time 2gthr… awww…. similarly many stuff widin this entire article… its more like you meeting you own yourself..

    amazing is the WORD… g8t work…

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. princessshelly said,

    Lmao I’m def a Leo. This described me the nearest. <3<3<3 It.

  14. kelsy said,

    I disagree with the “love me or i die”. If leos are supposed to be independent, like myself, then we shouldn’t rely on others “love” for us to “live”.

  15. kelsy said,

    I disagree with the “love me or i die”. If leos are supposed to be independent, like myself, then we shouldn’t rely on others “love” for us to “live”.

  16. Catherine said,

    This is truly myself in a nutshell. And even the ” love me or I’ll die” comment is completely understood. It has nothing to do with our strength or our independence – it has to do with the need to experience great love and be loved with the same intensity that we give to the men in our lives. I NEED passion – it keeps the sex HOT, and the FIRE burning in my guts. Without my true love, I feel like a large part of myself is missing.

    • Christina said,

      I agree I feel that way too. I may be strong and independent but my greatest weakness lies in the people I love and cherish. To not receive love and affection in return, it feels like a part of me dies everytime. Leos revolve around the idea of finding and experiencing true love. It’s essential to our happiness I think.

    • DeKeitha Love said,

      @Catherine…Yes Yes Yes! You could not have stated this any better. This is me…ALL THE WAY!

    • Sarita said,

      agree (caltherine)

    • Sashka said,

      Yu hit that spot on !!!!! , It has to do with the same intensity of being loved by the men in our lives. Id rater be alone foever than love someone who doesnt love me the same way I love them!

      • LondonDior said,


  17. cynthia said,

    leo woman “ROCK THE WORLD” GO GO GO LEO

    • LondonDior said,

      Yes we do 

  18. Winnie said,

    Well, doesn’t this just stroke my ego. [;

  19. Dina said,

    I have read enough of Leo woman but this one is the most accurate one for me…Good job πŸ™‚

  20. Odelette said,

    THIS IS THE truest and most accurate description I’ve ever read about Leo

  21. gee said,

    Got goosebumps. This is so accurate. Bull’s eye for pointing out that “despondency”. I’m having a hard time dealing with that right now and also dealing with my “motherly” nature because my man is an Aquarian. This write-up is an eye-opener. ^^

  22. Ruth said,

    Love it !!! I’m very proud to be Leo cos most of it applies to me.

  23. Ruth said,

    I’m Very proud to be Leo cos most of it applies to me.Love it !

  24. Ruth said,

    This is the best so far.

  25. Sanita said,


  26. Aternall said,

    I’m so happy right now πŸ˜€ ahahha, that’s sooooooooo true^o^ LEO ladies, fighting!!!

  27. Tia said,

    This i must say fits my personality and a friend of mine to a T…

  28. Sheryl deshong said,

    That pretty much sums up who I am….that last sentence is so true…

    • Shanee Smith said,

      I agree so much, that is who I am LEO Woman.

  29. Solar Queen said,

    The Essence of My being; very well read.

  30. Mary Driskell Waller said,

    This is ver true…

  31. Lakeshia Garrett said,

    This is very true and absolutely on point.

  32. Roxanne Bridges said,

    This is a mostly accurate read!

  33. Keida Randle said,

    So true…so me…

  34. tari said,

    [As I pick my tongue up from the floor I must share] I read it then saw myself in all descriptions immediately. Then being the lioness I am….I was quite shocked to prepare to provide a comment and learn this write up wasn’t JUST about ME as I saw 33 comments already posted!! πŸ™‚

  35. Anjie Suggs said,


  36. Erica Edmonds said,

    This really the best I have herd anyone break it down love it must copy and past,Wow I felt like I was reading a book about me.

  37. Millie Negron said,

    this is very true..it has describe me as i am.

  38. JoElle Kirk said,

    Very fitting, this really describes me lol

  39. Yolanda said,

    Being a Leo Woman i see so many characteristics of me in this article,its amazing how accurate they are.

  40. Elicia said,

    Sounds just like me

  41. zhazha said,

    I’m a true blue leo everything its says is true about ME!!!!!!!!!

  42. Anita Iluvmesumu Butler said,


  43. Yolanda L. Petterway said,

    AWESOME ANALOGY!! Thanks and God Bless! ❀

  44. Leeza J said,

    tis is so true of leo i feel it is me in description and i don’t real horoscopes at all

  45. Nadine Burr said,

    This articale is very accurate…love being me and love to shine my light on others…I try my best to make others happy because that’s where my happiness comes from…#lovinmesomeme…hmmm…that will make a great song title..wow there I go being me…lol…

  46. Ernestine Yancy said,

    Awesome description. Yup, it’s me too!!!
    Sounds soooooooo Good….LOL

  47. LaToya said,

    Sounds a lot like me…

  48. Shavon Williams said,

    This is so true about me…

  49. Pamela said,

    Thi is complete garbage. As a Leo woman, I have done my fair share of research on my sign, and this is the first article I found that makes us look like we are all a bunch of insecure, depressed housewives that want to do nothig but stay home and pop children. It would be more accurate assumption to say we are self centered bitches. And we need to overcome our tendency to despodency?? I have never met a Leo woman that was low in spirit, if anyhing it’s the total opposite. This article is just another reason to pros that this zodiac stuff is for the birds.

  50. Seafoam29 said,

    My birthday is august 20th..

  51. Mayra Cruz said,

    omg.. true story!!! im amazed.. this is ME!!! >.<

  52. prithi said,

    So true, I am proud to be a leo…

  53. Tiffany said,

    This is sooo true..this is basically told my life story & the part about being hotheaded is sooo true although I’m a lover & I express myself with my heart to show love to ohers…I can be the most loving person of all til u make me mad, I’m another person…its great to read about my sign & it help me look more deep within myself & these are the facts about me! I’m loving myself! I’m a Proud Leo Wman!

  54. Miss T said,

    This is spot on I ama Leo female and so was myy mom .

  55. cece said,

    I’m a Leo but it doesn’t explain me at all…I’m definitely not a leader and I’m quite shy.. :/ idk if its because that side of me hasn’t come out yet or if its just that way…
    I’ve read many things but I have yet to find one that says anything about any of my traits an what not…
    I don’t like attention either I perfer to stay away from anything that puts me in the spotlight and I rarely even speak when spoken too…the only time any of what your saying comes out is when I’m around my bestfirends…but other that that I consider myself to be the total opposite of a Leo

    • Kianna said,

      Wow…well the mere fact that these characteristics even comes out while with friends is a clear indication that it’s in you…you may not have been put in a situation to have an opportunity to shine…given the correct ray of light you will shine…you will love your witty and
      gravitating personality…and once
      you start you can’t be stopped…

      • Kianna said,

        Also…i have found, all leos aren’t the same….some Leos are huge liars while others despises the very hint of a lie…i personally think the dates of Leos are off just a tad bit:)

    • markita said,

      You need to find out what’s your moon sign and rising sign to fully understand your self.

  56. Jazmine said,

    This is so true about us Leo Woman.

  57. Brady said,

    Leo women are full of it. I dated a women in her late 40’s all she wanted was fun an excitment 247. She pouted like a spoiled child, thought the world revolved around her and that every man wanted her, not true. To be honest the only reason I dated her was I was told sex would be good I just couldn’t get past her homely looks with a stuck up attitude. She would put me down in front of my family and friends all the time. I just couldn’t stand her temper either. Men run don’t walk if you meet a Leo lady, sorry ladies.

    • Lady Lo said,

      Dear Brad… I’m a 40 yr old Lady Leo. As as Leo woman, I Love Fun & excitement. I don’t see why u are complaining about that?? To her you maybe consider very boring. We do have a tendency to want our way, & quick tempered. But normally it’s when I feel as though some is trying to control. That I can’t tolerate. Now you say that the only reason why you dated her was because the sex would be good… Hmmm… See, you wasn’t the right guy all along. And I guarantee you, she sensed there was something right about you. If She was looking homely like you said”, probably didn’t make her feel special. If She lashed out @ you, there’s a perfectly good reason for it… There’s something you did that made her go off on you, cause Leo Women are very Loving individuals. But! when we finally get fed up with someone, we will Pounce so hard on your behind, you wouldn’t know what hit you… Baby there are to sides to every story, and I would Love to hear Hers. So Men if you are looking to get with a Leo Woman cause you heard She is good in bed… Yep! You better Run!! We have Zero Tolerance. Besides thats a Childish Game anyways… Oh by the way Brady… What is your age & Zodiac?

    • Kianna said,

      I agree lady lo…..because there is absolutely nothing wrong with fun and excitement and brad if you couldn’t dig it then you guys probably weren’t compatible signs and that’s ok because clearly you stopped before sex over powered all….yes we have amazing sex because it is like an art however to talk to someone because of what you hear about the sex can be very dangerous and
      could’ve gotten you caught up….you
      should’ve suggest ed

      • Kianna said,

        You could’ve suggested a more flattering or appealing style if she was to homely….we are open to change as long as out doesn’t take set from our uniqueness we will compromise particularly if you were to foot the bill and surprise are with an outfit of your taste I’m sure she would accessorize with her glamorous touches…Walah a median (too much like right) we really aren’t as self centered as everyone says or shall I say no more cente
        red as
        we think everyone should be…we’re
        confident, valuable and worthy of the
        very best and while on our

    • zoono said,

      Hey Brad, I totally here what your saying. The problem isn’t that they are fun and exciting. It just makes you wander why they aren’t a little more excited about there relationship with you to your face. They pretend they don’t care and that if they leave they would be better off. They seem not to be able to empathies with others emotionally. even if they realize they fucked up they will never apologies…EVER. they’d rather they “What the fuck is wrong with you. I said I was fucking sorry okay!!!” because they have almost zerO control over there tempers. If we have to control our tempers, whats so special about them that makes them feel that its okay… Sorry girls.

      • bberri85 said,

        That was mean and now my egos bruised…zoono

    • bberri85 said,

      How dare you?? Im a Leo and the claws only come out when vital. Im also naturally beautiful. 😝😝😝

  58. Shanice said,

    This article describe to me perfect it describes my good qualities and also my bad qualities. this article made me think about myself. And take a second look at myself . I loved reading this article and i would love to read anymore .

  59. Lisa Marie Schiavo Thornton said,

    Yeah thats me

  60. susan smith said,

    My God, when I read the comments about this article, all I wanted to tell the majority of you is “go back to school!!!!!! Learn how to type, learn how to spell and learn how to use BASIC GRAMMAR!!!! How do you expect anyone to take anything you say seriously when you cannot express yourself effectively???” I think this article is basically inaccurate. Leo women love DEEPLY but not at the expense of their independence and I know very few who stay at home with their children. And hello, it all depends on what other factors are affecting your chart. No one is a straight up Leo or any other sign….

    • Kianna said,

      On the contrary I know very few who leave their children home alone…I’m sure it depends on ones surroundings clearly yours exudes negativity….welp that’s neither here nor there….you tried to shut out down…ha ha I guess I’m still numeral uno Lioness Diva..fyi forgive our chubby fingers trying to use these damned touch screen phones and screwing up our grammar…smooches #it’s just fun ease up HA!!!!!!

    • Jenny said,

      Thank you Sue! πŸ˜‰ holy crap, I’m embarrassed to be a Leo after reading some of these.

    • Lisa said,

      I agree. I am a Leo lady with Scorpio rising and Scorpio moon. People really need their full chart.

  61. Lilianna said,

    “A pokerface so others aren’t ware of their thoughts”, so true, I’m always told by a man that I seem uninterested a the thought of romance with him. Even if I am admiring him in the inside, it never shows.

    But the rest is crap, I don’t want to be a bratty housewife with mucky children. I want to be a graphic designer with no children at all. Maybe once I reach my early thirties maybe. I hate astrology for the fact that invalids go to far with it and whining about certain signs and generalizing them all.Really? Most of those people don’t even know about astrology and only read newspapers. Plus, I’m very shy in person so this is just generalizing nonsense , again might I add.

    Love me or die, what crap. How misunderstood, we just like to be complimented like any other women who is dating a guy would.

    Plus, I stopped liking astrology when it said Leos like “gifts” and just give them compliments and they will worship you. I despise talking to fake people, giving me a gift isn’t going to make me want you anymore. Fake compliments are like fools gold. I can tell the difference.

    • Jenny said,

      You must be closer to the Virgo cusp, because you’re awfully critical… Not a Leo trait.

      • Nile said,

        But i completely agree with that and i am no where closer to the cusp. I am aug 9 leo with rising and mercury in leo.

    • Lisa said,

      Lol so true.

    • zoono said,

      I hear what your saying. But, look how all the leo’s on this page just gloated because there mane is being stroked. πŸ˜‰

    • Nile said,

      You are right. Flattery and sugar coating don’t work on me either. I hate manipulators. Nothing mentioned here about Leos being a fixed sign. I have also started hating astrology for various reasons. If we go by what astrology says about leos, it’s all a bunch of superficial bull crap. It’s like they are stupid brats whom you can make do anything by handing them a lollypop of compliments.

      • bberri85 said,


  62. hev said,

    I am the lioness,,,hear me roar …pretty accurate stuff here ..makes my day

  63. hev said,

    being cold n lonely is your own doing n downfall life is what you make it…sounds like a few here need a good spanking and an engine overhaul on the attitude No man would ever want ya …lioness or not

    • bberri85 said,

      Not true sweetie. Most men are weak and can’t handle the amazing Leo. Even when passed we stand out!!! Lights! Camera! Action! Lol

  64. Shoegirl2578 said,

    Very true, so me in all aspects of this article….Almost like reading a book about myselfz

  65. jasmine said,

    I love this!! Leo’s should be proud! The “love me or I die” made me laugh. Too me it meant love me or I’m ghost, gone, never to hear from me again kind of situations. Funny stuff!! Where’s my aries man?? Still looking for him!

  66. I thought it was pretty accurate.xcept the part about "gifts" , i personally rather shower myself with beautiful things..Other then that Rrrrojosie said,

    I thought it was pretty accurate. I tend to Rrrooaarr like a lion & sting like a bee.!! Great job..

  67. redate gedlu said,

    everything that is said here totally machts with mine i am leo women and i like to perform as an actress even in real life and i love even the thought of love

  68. woop woop leo said,

    I am a leo myself and really truly agree with most of this the whole “love me or ill die” is simply stating that we are very independent and just simply need to be loved we give alot and want it in return and there isnt anything wrong with that. I have been with my husband for 16 years and he is a capricorn and we are both in control, (so he thinks lol). I work just like others but would very much like to just stay home, I love my children and would beat the (?) out of anyone who hurts them. As for the young lady that said, ” none of this is me.” When i was young i was just as shy but looking back at games and events I realize I put myself out there just unknowingly. After I hit a certain age in my twenties the shyness went away and I have the full attitude of a leo woman and proud of who I am. As for the young man that just wanted to have sex with a leo you werent the rite person when I met my husband I knew i was in love and would keep myself up and do what other leo woman do to keep his eyes only on me. So men dont run, unless you cant keep up with us fun loving adventurous leo woman, and one more thing to brad leos r loving so are u sure you were dating a leo cause I would never put my husband down under any circumstance, that is not a leo.

    • Lisa said,

      I am totally feeling how in love with a Capricorn you are. Me too. Lol. Yeah mine thinks he is in control too.

  69. Hadia said,

    This is soooooo true about me. . .

  70. Sophie-Marie de Merteuil said,

    This is so accurate, it’s actually scary.

  71. Kina long said,

    Wow this is very accurate to da T..my birthday is August 15&im all smiles over here bc this is me:)

  72. Lisa said,

    People, please. At least find out your rising sign too. That is all. πŸ™‚

  73. Agim prelvukaj said,

    I was married to a Leo and she cheated on me..

  74. Ce-Ce said,


  75. Ce-Ce said,


  76. Agim prelvukaj said,

    My god good thing she left me otherwise I would have to deal with a whole lot of problems Leo’s are trouble makers..

    • bberri85 said,

      No. We love youπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  77. annissa said,

    I like it this article this the most accurate one I’ve read so far, love it

  78. Tumina Pun said,

    I really like this article, yes! most accurate 1

  79. Apoorva said,

    Hmm… very accurate and reading all these amazing charecters abt me! love myelf even more ;).. Seriously even I agree wid fellow ladies this is the most accurate one. :)) <3. Thanks.

  80. Agim prelvukaj said,

    This shows how short tempered Leo people are.. Sad

  81. Agim prelvukaj said,

    My friend the best advice I have for you is to move on and do not look back..

  82. Sarah said,

    Hi being born on august 9th makes me proud of being a lioness (leo). I am all of these qualities. This is me I love it I am so proud to be a leo lioness

    • Loretta Baty said,

      thats my brith date too ……..im way loving person but leo’s cant take rejection Love me or I die true, I met a gemini hoping for a great relationship im 51 i hate to be without a man;s love I liked the article it is me

    • Nile said,

      Good to know. I am also a Aug 9 Leo πŸ™‚

  83. Agim prelvukaj said,

    I love Leo’s and Scorpios.

    • bberri85 said,

      We as leos are AMAZING!! We just want to love and be loved!!

  84. monica said,

    omg this describes me soooo much

  85. Agim prelvukaj said,

    I feel sorry for people who do not know what they want and change partners constantly.

  86. Agim prelvukaj said,


  87. Tran Nhat Ha said,

    This article is great, with great depth. I love that it does not describe Leo women as spotlight-seeking freaks and shallow creatures who always care too much about look, expensive stuffs…

  88. perfect person said,

    Leos love this article because it focuses mostly on our better traits. I agree with whoever said that loyalty can be our downfall because I am scared to be taken for granted. I am a virgo rising and a taurus moon. Love me or die!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  89. sweetke said,

    OMG!!!!! This is so me and on point#leolady πŸ˜‰

  90. vertud said,

    hello..everybody specially for all the leo..women..how can i overcome a leo lady when it comes to love…coz for all u know leo s are like fun games, excitement only, yes they are loyal but..i m afraid dat when the times comes..that she is not satisfied she will leave me alone….even thought we have already intimacy relationship together.. i love her so much and i dnt want to lose her..do i have to close my eyes and believe here all the time or what..she so dominating person..like that u describe…need help i m a pisces…male..thnx

    • bberri85 said,

      Did anyone respond to you? Anyway😊This is years later but you have to bring your masculine side out more than hers. She loves to protect, but she Loves it more when she feels that way in her mans arms. Treat her heart like glass. Be CAREFUL!! ….Leo Woman.

  91. TyBear ;P said,

    I enjoyed this article and many of the comments lol .. many opinions, but the same basics…I absolutely loved the togetherness of all of these obviously gorgeous women πŸ™‚ … For those of you who decided to take a gulp from that jug of haterade, just before you made that distasteful and aggravatingly (new word) inaccurate comment about a Lioness, c’monnn it’s not THAT bad lol. Gotta love us.

    Something to keep in mind, like a couple others have said, we are coming from different kinds of upbringings, race, and stars in our signs and all that good stuff. The main difference to me is our numbers in our birthdays and our parents’ signs. Remember everyone, our own birth “day” adds a little twist to each of us. So, I don’t think there is such thing as the “perfect Leo” or the “right” version of a Leo.

    Me? ( you know I have to speak on myself for a moment) I was born on the 2nd day of August. I was also born of 2 Libras, Air Signs, so I don’t believe I am a full blown, blood, fire-in-the-veins leo. Now, my fiance, Aug 17th, born of 2 Fire signs, Leo and Sag, not necessarily full blown but further than me i think. The guy is crazy in love with me…he’s crazy anyway! .. but we have a lot of fire that burns within us and our relationship. Knock out couple! … that is all.

  92. Mayra Cruz said,

    Story of my life!

  93. Rain said,

    Truely holly rightly reflects how i live. Not all aspects but most parts of my life. And I think I may burn my bf off…I think I treat him good as well. But he can’t stand me and go away… but he said he not going to marry. But with the new girl now.

  94. Agim prelvukaj said,

    Leo women are hot!!

    • bberri85 said,

      Thank you.😊😊😊😊 Halle Berry is also a Leo as well as Jackie kennedy

  95. Kimberly Kent said,

    Am a leo and when am hurt I pray for you before my attack.

  96. Nia said,

    Look I am a Leo teenager girl and I have no plans on having children or having a stay at home job. This article was not fully correct. But I do love to be liked by people. And I do hude things in but that might be heredity because my father and grandmother are like that. My friends say that I am conceited. But I know for sure that I am not the life of the party.

    • jasmine said,

      Sounds like my old life but nothing’s wrong with you just try to think of other a lil but not too much lol when I started to care I started getting hurt

  97. jasmine said,

    I really love this article and I feel as though I have been through all of those changes that u mentioned I am now a mother to an 11 month old leo son. I am dating his Pisces father still we love together …problem is before I gotten pregnant I never wanted a child until marriage..as a leo I always made my plans and followed through and I always always gotten what I wanted…now with my son I found a real reason to smile im almost 25 and I now know that the last 22 years of my life was trial after trial up and down roller coaster ..now im stable with his dad who supports all of our needs while I finish my full time studies ..I recently got laid off so I don’t work but just when I am smiling and in love, his family loves me and especially my son ..I went through his phone and he was cheating and I meen it was horrible the things I saw now all I can think about is finish school so I can get the fuck on…I confronted him and after lying for a while he confessed after I left his ass he pleaded and promised to never do it again but even though I don’t feel he is doing anything at this moment I can trust him anymore …will I ever trust him im now on a path where once I finish school im LeaVing him in the dust ….not to mention that when I left his own mom told me to go back for the sake of my son that I should use him and if anyone should leave our house should be his ass and that when I finish school next year if I still feel like saying fuck him than let it b done… after I came back nothing’s totally the same except I feel he really loves me now its been almost two months since the cheating but my leo in me can’t stop being loyal its like im waiting for him to mess up but im not going to b surprised and from that day forward I will no longer b loyal ….so I find myself texting old friends and I went out to lunch with a new friend but I hate how loyal I am because men fall at my feet daily and I can’t get past casual text hi or wyd to actually meet and mingle until he messes up again what should I do I love him I do but since he found time to do what he did I can’t trust him completely butt I do want it too work help!!! If u read all of this plz reply is it because he pays all the bills and I never just not worked hard in my life im confused I lost my job two weeks ago they shut down but b4 that he would ask me to quit and focus on school but the while time he was cheating im sad at times but my leo face laughs off everything … should I walk away or make ir work sry if I misspelled anything im on my phone typing

    • zoono said,

      Relationships are hard to work out after something like that. Trust is n important thing. It will take a while to regain that trust. If your willing to go through the emotions for however long that may be and truly feel that he won’t put you through the same ordeal twice then maybe stick around. He must also understand that he will have to try and deal with you being that way for a while. I’ve tried getting back together with my cheating ex and I felt that I never trusted her. Later I found out that she really wasn’t to be trusted because after I got back together with her she continued to cheat. I’ve found that sometimes spouses feel as if no matter what they do you will always be there. Especially when theres a child involved. It’s really all up to you. Think about you first.

  98. Simpson said,

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    Mrs Simpson

  99. Jacky Fesler Partridge said,

    I am certain it’s no coincidence that on the eve of my birthday that I came across this article .. I am a Leo woman … thru and thru …

  100. zoono said,

    Why don’t Leo women ever want to talk about there problems? I’m a taurus man. I literally just broke up with me girlfriend of 2 years. I got so frustrated with her not wanting to deal with issues in our relationship that it ended up with me literally trying to shake it out of her. Every time I bought up a problem she would get mad and try to make me look out to be a chauvinist pig. Then just ignore me.

    I still love her with all my heart and feel that should give it another chance but I can’t bring myself to being the bad guy who comes running with apologies after the breakup (thats how she’s making me out to be because during our argument I raised my voice while she sat in front of her laptop).

    I’m sitting here now thinking how much I would love to hold her again and tell her how much I love her but I feel like I’ve exhausted all my words trying be a good boyfriend and talking about how we can make things better between us. Which wasn’t very often at all.

    Can I live without her? I really don’t know. I feel like she’s the one…If there ever was such a thing. Just never met anyone like her thats all. If we end getting back together I don’t think it will be because we sat down and got to the core of the problem. It will be because we love each other, which is not a bad thing but it just means we will have thing happen again. HELP!!

    • Anonymous said,

      Leo women will NEVER do anything until it reaches a critical breaking point – just like a lion to sit on its ass all day until it is hungry, then and ONLY then will it hunt… Forget planning, or dealing with an ongoing famine.

      You are a Taurus – all torque and strategic in your planning. You should find yourself a good Pisces woman and leave this brat Leo alone and live a fulfilling life. You waste a lot of time and effort on being the bad guy, and it would be tragic to let a head-in-the-sand lioness convince you that you actually are a bad guy.

      Let her go and start to live. Today.

      • Eeyore said,

        LOLOL anon…that’s me on a lazy day…nap until I’m hungry. I’m not apologizing for it, excusing it or passing it off as a negative quality. But I deserve to sleep all day and eat what and when I please. I’ve worked hard and earned the right to be tired and hungry.

    • mszlioness said,

      Once you’ve loved a leo its very hard to let them go. They have a lot of shortcomings, and running from problems is one of them, but with leo women the good always out weighs the bad. Patience is always a virtue with leo women especially one who has been scorned before. Give it another chance but approach it diffrently, she loves you I know she does. Lol. I’m a Leo Women. When something happens when she wants to talk about whatever it is trust she will, we tend to not talk right away to keep from saying things we may just regret. Don’t push she’ll only pull away.

      Good luck.

      P.S. I’m in a relationship with a Taurus man, we use to have the same issue, but now we’re the very best of friends, and lovers. We are still together and it WORKS !!!! GO GET YOUR LEO WOMEN BACK

  101. kendra said,

    This is me to a T. PERFECTLY SAID!!

  102. estela martinez said,


  103. JBD said,

    Lost and need help please!

    I am a Cancer and the article above describes very well the Leo lady I know.
    I met her not long time ago and things were going really well.
    its been so long I wasn’t that happy. (think also for her but not sure)
    we did outside activities with friends, went on couple of dates, talked on the phone and got her surprises/gifts that she really loved.
    I like her a lot and I know she likes me too because the way she is comfortable and opens up to me and the way she is around me. I was very happy and she was too, (I felt it and she mentioned it couple of times)

    that night felt a sudden change. Felt as if she changed her mind on something. something was wrong. I don’t know what.
    the next day I didn’t bother her. she had some plans with friends and all. and didn’t hear nothing from her not even a text message.
    tried to call her in the evening. she answered. she said im visiting friends and she will call me after.
    after couple of hours still no sign. So called her twice like 11pm but no answer. Then sent her a text message saying to let me know if im bothering her or don’t want me to call her… also said I know you are big girl and that I like that and respect that. But im just worried.
    So she replied right a way that she is so sorry and that she is with friends and the phone was away. she said she will call me once she is back home.

    An hour later she finally called. We spoke for an hour.
    she started saying that she feels bad cause she thinks she did something wrong cause a friend of her came with his father to put her winter tires on her car and that she wasn’t there. Told her not to feel bad because they asked her not to come cause they understood she was busy with friends.
    Then she said she had good time with her friends and everything.
    Then I told her I feel something is wrong. Plus nothing from u not even a message today
    She said she don’t really know and that she thought she was ready for a relationship
    she also opened up and mentioned she is getting undesired calls from her ex
    but she said it’s over long time ago between them since last Christmas plus everyone knows from family and friends from both sides that it is over also
    in return I also opened up and said that im experiencing the same situation that’s its over with my ex long time ago (since Christmas also) and everyone knows (my family and friends)
    Then asked if she want to know what I think it might be wrong. And she said yes
    so I told I feel you have your guards up high and you are afraid to let go and get hurt.
    she said yes and repeated the same thing
    so I said so im right and guess you just need time.
    then she said don’t think she needs time.
    That’s where im lost. Why would she say that? She don’t really like me?

    She also asked me if we will see each other or you don’t want.
    I said yes of course we will… why not… is there is something I don’t know I asked her.
    and she said no.
    Im analyzing all this and im guessing she wants to stop seeing each other for now
    I really sad and upset
    don’t know what to do
    feel there was a big smile on her face and it just disappeared
    and sad part we didn’t even complete a full month! Sudden happiness then suddenly vanished
    I know she is sincere on everything. She was honest.
    she even told me that she saw the phone ringing and she didn’t answer
    she tried to explain why. But I stopped her and told her it doesn’t matter. U didn’t feel like answering. Its ok. Im happy u told me and that u didn’t lie about it.
    Please help! Really need help 😦
    Thank you for reading

    • Nile said,

      The big problem with Cancerians is that if somebody love you guys for being so understanding and open up to you, you guys make it out to be a bombastic love affair whereas things are completely different. She loves you as a friend and you shouldn’t be acting like a friend and expecting something else behind that mask. I’m sorry for sounding so rude but i have been through this with a highly manipulative and cunning Cancer man. Just move the fuck on and don’t waste your time.

      • Eeyore said,

        I agree Nile…. I avoid clingy smothering cancers.

    • kendra said,

      I think she’s missing u by now, if you was a good dude, you’ll always have a special place in her heart

  104. Agim prelvukaj said,

    My advice is end the relationship, and find someone worth your time.

  105. Crazy Leo said,

    She is still in love with her ex and she does not have the heart to tell you and not want to lose your friendship.. I am going thru the same situation
    ..someone likes me but my heart, mind and soul are on my ex and trying to move forward with him…when a leo loves they love hard and can’t let it go..just focus on being her friend, do not talk about getting together and stay in the friend zone then she will come around more often. She feels pressured in her own way and does not want to hurt you JBD…we do have a heart and do not want to let people down when we like them..

  106. Crystalee Martinez said,

    This by far has to be the best and most accurate article on Leo women! Being one myself, this was a clear understanding right on point! I can be many things but I am genuine and loyal, some of our best qualities πŸ™‚

  107. Crystalee Martinez said,

    I am also curious to know, which signs have you been most compatible with lady leo’s? I am in love with my Aries king anyone else care to share….

  108. DOLPHINS728 said,


  109. mulberry sale said,

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  110. mszlioness said,

    You must have crossed a leo female. We are not whores, but if you do have sex with us, it will be the time of your natural life. Lol. You shall not do something to us leo women and assume to get away with it, we will eat your ass alive. Point blank period. So the nxt time think about the wrath of a leo women before you do something to one again

  111. Alvin said,

    love me or i die!!! lol is it really me??? xD

    um a 17 years old girl (nd um super lazy :P) nd never had any relation or felf for someone

    um just keeping rejecting propossels i dont even know how this love thing is!!
    But i wonder how it will be if I’ll get romantic… Imao xD

  112. Domici said,

    Lasting impression!!!??? Lasting impression of HELL!!! My mother is a Leo & I have been trying to win her approval for 34 years!!! I face it now!! Leo’s are TOXIC!!! They want a sheep I’m a Ram!! I ask everyone now friend or associate , Are u a Leo!! If they are I give them 10 feet, & go burn my sage & pray it can remember a good prayer to keep the demons away!! Leo’s are IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Mad for no reason when you’ve done nothing, they just got a case of the a*s that day!!! They pick, say anything that flys out of thier mouth, but if I give them one of my Lethal Roastings verbally it’s like the walls of Jericho fell in!!!! No love, no like, no sex, no amount of loneliness is worth your dignity!! Any who don’t believe me you will see!!! I wish I could pull my dad from his grave & give him a Humanitarian Award for staying with my mom 50 yrs!! (Sweet Jesus of Nazareth)

  113. misseve7 said,

    This write-up makes Leo women sound so sweet and serene, but sadly is far from the truth. The most selfish human beings I have met have been Leos and specifically women. Also, quite selfish mothers, just look at Enid Blyton and PL Travers – both wrote the most amazing children’s books and both were horrible mothers whose own children hated them. I have Leo friends and they can be nice and warm, but just as long as they don’t want anything or want things to go a certain way, because they become cold, confrontational, spoiled children who would as much as stomp their feet to get what they want.

  114. ken said,

    i am i love with a leo have been for 3 years we are not in a relationship but are very close friends. I want more but i do not think that it is really in the cards i love every thing about her her smile her eyes the way she walks and talks. she is very pretty and at 48 with 2 kids she looks 35 she is warm,kind, exciting, and very desirable. I get energized and excited when we get the chance to spend time together.I love her intellect she always has a unique way of looking at things and when i have a problem i know she will be there to help solve it. Yes she has a bit of a temper and she has to be the centre of attention but this is just all part of the challenges after all if something is really worthwhile you need to step up and meet the challenges the rewards pay off handsomely not just in a sexual way but in a life fullfiling way plan, work, together make a better life for each other We are single both divorced i am a FISH. Any helpful hints on how to get this wonderful exciting desirable woman into my life would be terrific

    • bberri85 said,

      Please picses, Express yourself more. Are you shy? If so…😞😞😞

  115. Mishon Bell said,

    I was very astounded by the accuracy of this description re: Leo women. It describes me. After reading the post about retardo being hurt by a leo woman I realized the writer was on point about how hot headed we can be. How tempermental we can be. But our temperment is pretty much predictable. When you have people making stupid remarks such as this strange ass person you will get what you called for by a Leo woman. The truth with no holding back.The comments are funny.

  116. sandrahodges said,

    I loved it all fit me perfect

  117. Su Myat said,

    the motto “love me or I die”
    so true πŸ˜€
    exactly me !!!!

  118. Neel said,

    Hello, I am a Cancerian and am craving for this Leo girl. We talk with each other everyday, havent got into a fight for a single time anywhere, and we also have got same tastes on lifestyles and movies. She is working in a bank and me in a MNC although in different states. And thats why I’ve already cut tickets to pay her a visit in her birthday as a surprise. I have bought an expensive silk saree to gift her too.

    Anyways, she talks to me happily and I sense she dont get irritated to receive my calls also (maybe a good sign for me). But today she instructed me not to call her daily. And thats why I got frightened and writing here for suggestions.

    The thing is I have fallen for this girl deeply and want to spend the rest of my life with her. So dont want to lose her. Please suggest me what to do, I cant spend the entire day without hearing her voice. And the most important thing: How can I propose to her? I mean she have already sensed I’ve got feelings for her but I want to show them its far more deep than she thinks. We came to know each other for about a year and found out she is my grandfathers maternal uncle’s grandaughter (4 yrs younger to me actually :P). And to simplify the relation she thought herself as my aunt. [isnt this embarassing],

    Please help. I strongly seem suggestions of Leo women.

  119. debbie said,

    I was seeing this gemini who was married and then he started dating this leo woman. he kept sexting me at the same time and was sleeping with us both. i told the leo woman and she immediately moved in with him and married him a year later after he cheated on her numerous times with several people. Is it normal for a leo to stay with a cheater is my question. I would have thought for her own good she would have run for the hills.

    • BM said,

      You must be an Attractive woman because Leo females hide that very well that they can swing both ways and if they are attracted to you then you will know it (IE – Madonna and Britney Spears) (even if you are the same sex) and if you have something they want Like a Lover or Money and they get close enough to your inner circle they will use any legal venue to get (Steal) it from you. So Let me state these other facts about Leos. They operate off of psychical attraction and have little concern about what actually lurks in a person’s heart until their choice for a sire goes south (Many reasons mostly their Giant EGO did not get enough constant stroking)They are one of the the most dangerous astrological sign out there period and do not get involved with one (Especially the Females) (Fatal Attraction) unless you are prepared to possibly (Go through a Living HELL) if the friendship or otherwise goes south. Their minds are twisted, vindictive and grudge holding and they have (Delusions of Grandeur) about themselves. They think they are born leaders. They may be to a point, but most others just think they are pushy. They put themselves up on a golden pedestal that requires your constant worship (almost 24/7) God help you if you are romantically involved with one, other than when you are sleeping and working you will be attending to them (Unless they are cheating on you), by then it is too late for you and if they decide to leave you for whoever they now have, you better pray and hope they don’t decide to legally take most of your life and what you have worked for with them. They complain about people’s behavior (But then they do what they are complaining about ) but remember it is them so it is Okay. They like to talk about people behind their backs and make fun of people around them. Most Leos are bullies and do not make good parents because their children turn out to be self-centered adults just like them. You are vain and cannot tolerate honest criticism. Their arrogance is disgusting. Leo people are thieving human beings and kiss mirrors a lot. They are (Two-Faced) where one day they are backing you up in a fight and the next, (If your not willing to buckle under to them completely), they are on your enemies side coming at you. They are control freaks, (Not to mention some of the best Liars and Con Artist out there ) what you say to them in confidence about problems in your life (Be it personal or Financial) just remember that it will be store in a memory bank that is bigger and works better than all the other signs combined. So if you tell them things about your life that are personal issues they can remember things that were told to them in detail years ago and now years later used against you in a public venue or otherwise. They can do a 180 on you so With these people you can go from friend or Lover to enemy in about 60 seconds. So just remember, If you meet a new friend and you find out they are a Leo do not give them a chance to get close and run the other way.

      • Eeyore said,

        Wow, BM. It’s a shame that THAT Leo put you off ALL Leos. Again, Wow.

      • Mr Brown said,

        my brother.. you are spot on.. 100% correct.. hahahaha.

    • TJ morrow said,

      No, she’s just one woman. Being a Leo has nothing to do with it. Countless others do the same thing.

  120. Kaylee said,

    Yep, that’s me! Having a hard time with a Capricorn. Been together four years, not married or engaged because I said no yet I love him to death!

  121. The Voice of a Soul said,

    love it! and it’s so true ..

  122. Stan Marsden said,

    I have been married to a Leo woman for 6 years and have been deceived, manipulated and lied to the whole time. Leo women can never be trusted, they only think of themselves even though they pretend to think of others. I even doubt they have a capacity to LOVE anyone or anything other than themselves. The sex is amazing but the stress that comes with it is not worth the price!

  123. Tony said,

    Leo wome are terrible. Most of the time end up alone. True dictators by nature, very smart in terms of manipulating others. Ready to lick others in order to get some praise… Very hard to live with… The problem is you realise that after 3 kids….

  124. LASIK said,

    Yeah.. This is pretty darn detailed and accurate…Aug Leo

    • LEE ADOL said,

      Am a leo girl all that is so true. LOVE me or I die. Am in love with a leo guy but he doesn’t love me back my heart is hurting bad I need an advice and I love him I went to spend a night in his house coz he ask me to come over getting to his house he didn’t talk to me through out the night he was talking to some other girl on phone but we suppose to talk about ourselve but he ignored me now am calling him he his not pickings is calls I don’t know why. AM HURTED

  125. ken said,

    best move on hon, i know it is hard to do, your thinking of him and want to be with him, but it sounds like to me that he is not worthy of your time and effort for his attention. Had same trouble with a leo woman “come here, come here, come here, ok now go away repeat ” wonderful woman she was but finally figured it out,i was just being used to pad her ego, and though is was very difficult decided to move on. Break my heart once, shame on you, break my heart twice, shame on me, i should have known better. GL you will know when it is the right person trust me

  126. Provi said,

    Reading this is so Amazing. I am A Leo, Proud to say, Loving every part of it to Me Feels Awesome ; ) C/U L/U LEO

  127. How To Attract Leo Woman As A Pisces Man That Has Been Hurt Before Quotes | Secret PUA Blog said,

    […] Leo women | Words to the Wise – i’ve read many articles about leo women, this by far is the most acurate one… […]

  128. nazia said,

    I would like to know why does my husband fight with me all the tym he’s born on 12 separate 1973 and my dob 060880

  129. maisha ashrafi said,

    I am a leo girl…..i love myself so……i think leo female are the best!!!

  130. Sherilyn said,

    I love this… Go LEO Women!

  131. cancermal said,

    Leo women LOVE only themselves. Stupidity at others expenses. Desastorouse with a superficial gloss. Cannot be trusted at all.

    • gonecrazytoo said,

      Your problem is you bit off more than you can chew. Leo and Cancer DO NOT MIX WELL. Show her some weakness and she will Show you the door.

  132. The Aries Boss said,

    I’m an Aries male in a relationship with a Leo woman(we are both African American) that’s my love for real! I respect baby girl and she respects me. We argue and then get over it quick.(crazy sex) I have “had”my share of Leo women seeing that Aries are the men that can get a Leo to submit(a hard challenge they are mostly untenable) but I was never in a relationship with one just cool friends and occasional sex but this one I had to get her the attraction was instant and magnetic. I love her… she love me right back…I get a lil snappy n jealous when she talks like other guys in her past were “good” to her (Aries men don’t gaf about that we #1) but I notice she does that to poke at me and get a reaction lol she better quit playing with me tho this ain’t that lbs…I wouldn’t trade her for the world..β™ˆβ€β™Œ

  133. charles said,

    Ok Leo women !
    i have been dating a Leo Woman for 1 year .
    Yes !!!! we have lots of fun out on the town .( I’m a Gemini )

    *** As of yet …I have seen No Signs that She Wants Sex with Me ..
    She likes to Hug …that it ….
    *** Am I Blind & Missing Some cues ??? ****
    Soooo , I have Never Invited her to My Home !!!
    I have a Very Nice Bachelor’s Pad …..
    I still have seen no signs she’s into Me …Maybe she’s using me to get out out house ????
    In Short . I Sexing other women….But i really want to settle down with my Leo .

    • Provi said,

      Ur Sexing other women, wile Ur dating a Leo. U R A Piece of Shit!!!

      • leon said,

        Sorry ProvI , this leo woman
        SHOWS ME LOVE ,
        BUT GIVES NO LOVE !!
        * she likes being with me …but no Intimacy. ……

    • gonecrazytoo said,

      You haven’t even invited her to your home, shared your personal life with her and you wonder why she isn’t interested in sex with you? Seriously? Go play in the kiddie sandbox, Leo isn’t for you.

    • gonecrazytoo said,

      As long as you are screwing around, she NEVER WILL have sex with you, and you can take that to the bank.

      • Leon said,

        OK ! Mz.G.Crazy ,
        Talk to me !!!!!!!! U Made some Points Lol #
        I dont really go for Petty Arguments….they usually make people stsrt to dislike / hate one anothet …
        1. Should I just walk away & leave her alone ( now know that she is never
        Gona be into Me ! ) IT’S TOO LATE TO START OVER , AFTER 1 YR.
        2. Or try to talk to her ???
        ( she knows she a Priorty in My Life )

      • LEON said,

        1. why would she date Me …& turns her head …so that i can only kiss her Jaw ????
        2. i want my home to be perfect for her to come & stay several days …
        3. Does not being invited to a man’s home mean so much to a Leo woman….???? WHY WE CANT GO TO A 5 STAR HOLTEL OR HER APT. ????

      • gonecrazytoo said,

        Everything. You should leave her alone. She KNOWS you are a player and a liar. Walk away.

      • Leon Charles said,

        Hello gcarzy2 ,
        You truly have great insight as a Leo woman !
        I would be so honored to chat with you about my Leo woman !
        I need some Reak Talk & Understanding !!!!!!
        Can we chat ?

  134. Stephanie said,

    I am Leo and lonely bad relationships one after another.I am very intelligent and knowledge junkie. 8-7

  135. Eeyore said,

    I’ll be back for comment after I figure out what I’m doing here.

  136. Eeyore said,

    Many years ago, I was very interested in all I could learn about myself as a Leo female. I thought it was fascinating to learn that I am a Leo Sun, Leo Moon, Sag rising. A lot of what I discovered was basically true. But as time went by, I became disenchanted with the whole astrological “spider web” that seemed to end up in a black hole. There is so much more to a person than just being born in whatever aspect. There is an infinite supply of factors that need to be considered when attempting to “figure out” any individual (including ourselves). For instance, I recognize that because of the way I was raised, I would NEVER want children. I knew that as MY truth when I was 7 years old. I am nurturing and loving to some younger people, but can also be an unforgiving critical old cow the very next day. I do not, at all, and have never liked, being the center of attention. Every scrap of luxury I might (or might not) have, has been hard won. I’m not attractive by any definition. I can be completely meticulous in some areas of my life, but have a huge pile of total chaos and disaster in another room. I’ve been a high functioning depressive my entire life, and have only a few select lifelong friendships without drama where EVERYTHING can be discussed without judgement. Getting old can really suck. But it can also be such a relief.

    • gonecrazytoo said,

      I agree. I studied a lot on the Keirsey Sorter as well. Temperament is interesting. They say Leo is extravagant and outgoing… that is NOT me.
      My personality temperament is ISF* (both J and P) mixed together. and add enneagram and I am a 5 sp/so/sx. An eclectic combination by any psychologists standards! Then tap that with Leo… hhahahahaha.

      I think we are all multi-faceted and should always keep that in mind.

      I think today’s society wants to put us all in a box and slap a label on it, and that just isn’t practical or even useful.

  137. Bob wilson said,

    They are a challenge flirty and fawning over men.Loving at times but way over the top at others.Demanding as shit especially as the relationship progress s.I’m a Scorpio man and I shouldn’t have bothered.Everyone’s different of course but our match was toxic.She didn’t lie so much as leave out all important details
    Tendancy to drink and smoke pot and not worry about serious health issues.

  138. leon said,

    Lady Leo’s …..Let Me Hear ya Roar !


    • gonecrazytoo said,

      Yep, we aren’t all that thrilled with ‘laid back’. And if you aren’t genuine, she knows! We like a take charge man that knows how to do it without being a controlling @$$. Believe it.

  139. leon said,


  140. leon said,

    Ok leo women. …let me hear ya !

    Leo woman dates for 1 yr.
    and still won’t fuck ???
    WHAT’S UP ???

    • gonecrazytoo said,

      You are doing something wrong. If you are a timid lover, she is probably turned off. If she has to TELL you what she wants constantly, then you are wasting her time. BE confident and sexy or she will NEVER let you past this stage.

      • Leon said,

        OK ! Mz.G.Crazy ,
        Talk to me !!!!!!!! U Made some Points Lol #
        I dont really go for Petty Arguments….they usually make people stsrt to dislike / hate one anothet …
        1. Should I just walk away & leave her alone ( now know that she is never
        Gona be into Me ! ) IT’S TOO LATE TO START OVER , AFTER 1 YR.
        2. Or try to talk to her ???
        ( she knows she a Priorty in My Life )

    • gonecrazytoo said,

      OK ! Mz.G.Crazy ,
      Talk to me !!!!!!!! U Made some Points Lol #
      I dont really go for Petty Arguments….they usually make people stsrt to dislike / hate one anothet …
      1. Should I just walk away & leave her alone ( now know that she is never
      Gona be into Me ! ) IT’S TOO LATE TO START OVER , AFTER 1 YR.
      2. Or try to talk to her ???
      ( she knows she a Priorty in My Life )

      Have you truly read AND UNDERSTOOD what Leo’s are saying?
      The moment I know that the only thing a man wants is to get in my pants, he then becomes pretty much irrelevant. I am MORE than what is inside my jeans. If you ran off to screw someone else because you didn’t get what you wanted when you wanted it, I would flick you out of my life like a nuisance insect. BELIEVE that with everything in you.

      If she is holding you off, there is a reason and it might be best if you simply ASK her why. And be prepared to ACCEPT her answer and not try to force her to do what YOU want.

      Also, as a Leo…. if a man has to ASK me what to do in bed, I want him to then leave, and leave me alone. If you haven’t already had conversations about sexual topics…. then, as a rule, you haven’t even crossed over into her intimate friendship zone. Personally, I want a man that KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING and I want to have already had conversations about what is liked, disliked and out of bounds. Otherwise, do what is natural and act like you know what you are doing. For me, nothing is a bigger turn off than a man floundering to find his dick who has NO IDEA how to please a woman. The minute I feel like a man is only in it for self gratification, I am gone!

      If you haven’t even invited her to your home, WITHOUT trying to get in her pants…. I would say you are wasting her time, you are a player.

  141. gonecrazytoo said,

    So, I found this little note and it just screams LEO. I am a Leo. :o)

    When I give, it does not come with strings.
    I’m not keeping track of what you owe me.
    When I give, I choose to do so without ulterior motives.
    I give because I’m genuine.
    I give because I know what it’s like to be without.
    To long for and and be ignored.
    To speak and not be heard.
    To care for and have nothing returned.
    When I give, it’s because I get it.
    It’s because I know the value in what I have in my heart and I refuse to let the world stop me from sharing that.
    But when things start being taken for granted.
    When you no longer appreciate my sincerity.
    I won’t switch, I won’t get angry, and I won’t be spiteful.
    I’ll just get smart and I’ll change your role in my life.
    Because when I give, I’m ALL IN.
    But when I am done….

    • leon charles said,


    • bberri85 said,

      Amazingly well put fellow Leo woman!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

  142. Stephanie said,

    That’s me to the tee

  143. jaylin said,

    I am a Leo.. And my last name is also Wise. Very accurate! I love it!

  144. domici said,

    Loving and nurturing mothers?? Not this BATTLEAX over here!! Leos are impossible & ill be glad when my mother expires! NO FUNERAL OR ANYTHING

    • bberri85 said,

      Be kind. She’s tough extrtnally, but internally…..smh. Give her another chance to get to know you. Don’t be so closed minded to her. She’s really a sweetheart Im sure😊😊😊

    • bberri85 said,

      I meant “externally.”

  145. Eeyore said,

    I was about to unsubscribe because of all the uninteresting and sometimes vulgar rhetoric. Then I saw a post from gct oct 12 2015, 8:27pm. I liked it. I agree with it. It is me.

  146. Gary said,

    But still have a question.i met a leo who was older then me.everything about her was beautifull to me.but she’s the one who pulled me closer to her.but after a few times having sex she admited that she loved me but she had big financial problems back in her country and that i couldn’t help her.she said that she found a guy who was willing to help her with her debts and if i could waith for her because she wants to be with me.now she achts so cold and distant.like she never knew me.and i drive taxi and went to pick her up and she just asked for a nother car.i didn’t do nothing to hurt her.i really love this woman with all of my heart.why is she acting like this now and has pushed me out when she pulled me in,my question is now why play with my feelings when i only want to love and adore you like i know i can.I’m a libra man.

  147. Bethany said,

    Wow so on point!!

  148. Reenu said,

    M also a leo This is so accurate…πŸ‘

  149. Leon Charles said,

    1. What is the best signs that a Leo woman is

    2. I’M remodeling my Home …..6 months before I met this Leo woman.
    1 .1 yrs later I want to bring her to my home o Valentines Day ….She now seem unconcerned?
    A. Is this why she have been dating me …
    But refuse to give up the Sex !

    • bberri85 said,

      Stop complaining and put a ring on it. Is she worth your time? Clearly babes because you talk about her alot. Make your home comfortable for her and be honest and real. If you truly care for her, fight for her.

  150. lively lioness said,

    I am a 46 yr old Leo β™Œ and yes, we’re unstoppable – “what I want, I get”!! And, very, Proud to be a “Leo”!!

  151. jhoni said,

    I’m a aquarious boy n m 19yrs old, my girlfreind is also a leo n i realy like her loyality, she have a big heart n also she is very couregeous which makes me crust on her she is very loyal to me n i feel so lucky to have her in my life, lions r owsm m speachless… n all the above r so true thanks editor πŸ™‚

    • bberri85 said,

      Awwee. So sweet. Your a keeper!!! Go Leo Woman!!! Got a good oneπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  152. gonecrazytoo said,

    Spoken like a very weak man with a small d!ck.

  153. Rene said,

    I married a leo female along time ago I want to ask a question is she coming to me in 2017 I AM a Male Libra is she coming back to me.

    • Lashawn said,

      More than likely ..No… usually once we leave and don’t return, we’re gone….I left my Libra after 14 year’s…we still talk but I’m not going back…

  154. Queen Quay said,

    I am a female Leo August 1st to be exact. This post was lovely, well written and gracious.

  155. Lashawn said,

    This is hand’s on%%%….Now I’m dealing with heat problems.

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